Is it IMPOSSIBLE for Lakers to Beat OKC This Year? – Game 2 Keys to Victory

Game 2: How to Beat OKC? Lakers have not proven to me they can even do it, but they are going to do it.

There are a few “simple” steps which I believe Lakers are capable of doing:

1. Hold OKC to 90 points. So play defense this time. Last time they scored 119

2. Big THREE — Pau was invisible. Bynum and Pau must be an undeniable force around the paint offensively and defensively. Kobe will get his.

3. Control the boards — Lakers CAN’T shoot, but they can rebound — on both ends

4. Attack the PAINT early and often!

5. Sessions HAS to wake up and make his presence felt in THIS series. Lakers are pretty dangerous when Sessions has several assists

Watch for these things in the game. If they do it, then Lakers WILL win. if not….Fisher ain’t the one going fishing….


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